Paddles Up and Plates Full: Uniting MC Crenergy’s Talented Team with Meaningful Activities

MCC Dragon Boat Event

Relive the highlights of MC Crenergy’s latest company event, which included engaging Dragon Boat racing and a celebration dinner at Pak John. With CEO Mr. Chong Ming Chuan’s motivational speech, Q2 birthday celebrations, new employee welcomes, and emotional farewells, the day perfectly embodied our key values of Passion, Pursue Growth, Quality, Teamwork, and Professionalism.

Unleashing Team Spirit with Dragon Boat Racing

On a sunny afternoon, MC Crenergy team gathered at the waterfront, filled with excitement for the Dragon Boat racing event. The excitement was visible as teams were formed, paddles given, and plans discussed. Dragon Boat racing, a sport that encourages teamwork and friendship, with synchronized paddling and enthusiastic cheers, each team competed fiercely but with great sportsmanship. The splashes of water, rhythmic chants, and the sight of brightly colored boats racing towards the finish line created an unforgettable experience. This event wasn’t just about winning; it was about coming together as one, showcasing our core value of Teamwork in action. 

Q2 Birthday Celebration at Pak John

After a tiring and unforgettable day on the water, we met up at Pak John for a well-deserved celebratory meal. The restaurant, recognised for its relaxing environment and wonderful cuisine, was the ideal location for our gathering. The evening began with a warm welcome and sincere address from our CEO, Chong Ming Chuan. 

Dinner at Pak John
MCC CEO giving speech

CEO Chong Ming Chuan's Inspirational Speech

CEO Chong Ming Chuan took the stage to warmly welcome the new joiners and express his heartfelt gratitude to the team for their hard work and dedication. He highlighted our company’s impressive achievements over the past quarter and shared the exciting goals ahead. Chong Ming Chuan’s speech was not only motivating but also a powerful reminder of the strong community we’ve built within MC Crenergy. His appreciation for the team’s efforts and his inspiring vision for the future left everyone feeling valued and energized. 

Celebrating Q2 Birthdays

A special segment of the evening was dedicated to celebrating the birthdays of our team members born in Q2. A beautiful cake was brought out, adorned with candles and festive decorations. As we sang “Happy Birthday,” the birthday celebrants beamed with joy. It was a wonderful moment of appreciation and camaraderie, reinforcing our value of Passion and care for our colleagues.

Welcoming New Staff

As the number of our clients increased, we welcomed new staff members to our growing family, we welcomed new staff members to MC Crenergy family and each of the new members was introduced and given a chance to share a few words about themselves. It was heartening to see the warm reception they received, with applause and words of encouragement from their new colleagues. This gesture highlighted our commitment to professionalism and the seamless integration of new talent into our team. Later in the evening, we reached a bittersweet moment as we bid farewell to a cherished colleague. They shared their reflections on their journey at MC Crenergy, expressing gratitude for the experiences and friendships formed. This moment underscored our value of quality relationships and the lasting impact each team member has on our company.

A Day to Remember

Our recent company event demonstrated MC Crenergy’s dynamic culture and strong commitment to our core values. From the intense excitement of Dragon Boat racing to the heartfelt moments shared during dinner at Pak John, the day was packed with events that underlined our goals: passion, pursue growth, quality, teamwork, and professionalism. 

Such events not only increase team morale, but also deepen colleague bonds, resulting in a more solid and motivated unit. As we move forward, we keep the spirit of this special day with us, ready to face new challenges and reach new heights together. 

Looking Ahead

As we look ahead, MC Crenergy remains committed to organizing activities that meet our objectives and strengthen our team. Our recent event is a testament to the vibrant, supportive, and ambitious culture we’ve built. Stay tuned for more exciting events and milestones as we continue to grow and achieve together! 

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Updated On : 18th June 2024

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