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Grow your business intelligently with MC Crenergy. Our cutting-edge DATANORY Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence (AI & BI) system aims to deliver high-quality data insights in less time than before, helping you make informed business decisions in a snap of the fingers. With BI technology, big raw data is transformed into meaningful information and visualized to help you understand complex data quicker, faster and more accurately.

By using the AI data analytics tool in Malaysia, business owners can fully focus on what truly matters: their business. Artificial Intelligence for businesses has the phenomenal ability to emulate human-like intelligence in perceiving their environment, dealing with what they perceive, solving problems and achieving a goal or completing a human task. Our system is also fine-tuned and enhanced to the point where it has sound capabilities such as

reasoning, learning, planning, creativity, judgment, and decision-making. 

Powerfully equip your organization with Artificial Intelligence for business systems to manage and handle all unique demands and requirements. It’s to give your business an unparalleled edge.

DATANORY AI & BI system is also fully integrated with other 3rd party systems.

Get a quick overview & explore the Full Set of Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence system (AI & BI) :

  Data Scientist

  Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  Business Process Automation

  Business Analysis & Forecasting

  Interactive Dashboard & Data Visualization

artificial intelligence business solutions by Crenergy

DATANORY AI & BI Turning Risk Into Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity

With DATANORY Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence System (AI & BI), You’ll Be Able To:

Pain Points

Resolve Pain Points

  • Important business decisions cannot be justified and performed without synchronized data from different sources
  • Time consuming and prone to errors and highly unreliable without proper automation
  • Poor analysis & bad decision making due to unorganized and unstructured data system
  • Misinterpreted & unreliable data that lead to inaccurate analysis.
Plus Points


  • Data visualization presents information in a useful manner, allowing business users to easily identify issues, trends & business analysis
  • Automation enhancement that reducing human error & evaluate alternatives faster.
  • Allow users to access real time data swiftly & analyse the live data.
  • Connecting all data into single data warehouse to produce accurate & reliable insight to predicting potential results and eliminate limitations.

Leaders in These Industries Trusted DATANORY AI & BI System

  • Distribution
  • FMCG
  • F&B
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  • Retails
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  • Digital Marketing
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  • Telecommunication
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Business Intelligence That Offers Insight
Like Never Before

These days, business suffers from having too much of unstructured data. High volume of data from different sources such as Sales, Customer Buying Behaviour, Inventory, Operation Expenses, Accounting, and others can be overwhelming and without the right system for support, no valuable insights can be extracted to help the business. A powerful system like DATANORY Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence can integrate all data and uncover valuable nuggets of information to energize business growth. Data Warehouse (CUBE) with the additional customized Analytical Measurements Tool turns data into actionable insights to improve the performance, operations, and business processes of companies for all sizes, be it FMCG, Retail, Supply Chain, Healthcare, IT, Manufacturing, & other businesses.

artificial intelligence business solutions advantages

We Work It Out For You

Process of artificial intelligence business solutions
artificial intelligence business solutions - growth analysis

Challenges, no matter the nature and urgency, pose indiscriminate problems on growing businesses today. Businesses need to swiftly identify the challenge and trends on hand and formulate actionable plan to address it. However, as business landscape evolves, so are the challenges. This is where DATANORY AI & BI system comes in. By breaking down data and re-visualized it, business owners can easily see understand how to solve ongoing issues and predict upcoming challenges. A process that once thought to be tedious and time-consuming is now something that can be done with only a click of a mouse.

artificial intelligence business solutions - sales forecast

Foresight is the best insight. DATANORY AI & BI system gives business owners a tool to improve decision making on sales planning. It analyses past purchasing trend to develop future buying pattern, allowing business owners to improve planning, make improvement on low-selling products, and offer prediction on sales to help business owners to develop strategy that leads to increase sales opportunities.

artificial intelligence business solutions - trend analysis

Time is of the essence. This is especially true when it comes to identifying upcoming trend. DATANORY AI & BI system offers insights with built-in predictive forecasting models, helping users anticipate future trends and plan well ahead to seize the opportunities. While data collected may differ from changes in real life trends, DATANORY AI & BI is powerful enough to consolidate the data and interpret into accurate and helpful insights.

DATANORY Sales & Operation System help you succeed in Manufacturing & Retail Distribution Business DMS

A large part of a business involves anticipating demand and forecasting sales. By balancing these two components, wastage and stock optimization can be achieved to maximize profit. Oftentimes, real-time data can be tricky to interpret. Here’s how Business Intelligence can improve a business’ ability to skilfully manage their inventory. By fusing real-time inventory level and comparing it to past purchase trends, business owners can deftly manage inventory in ways that are profitable for business growth. Part of what makes DATANORY AI & BI so powerful is its ability to allow quick and secure access to large information such as multiple outlets or warehouse inventories, predict purchase trends, forecast and control goods return rate, and perform accurate analysis performance of supply

A man is pointing his finger to the artificial intelligence system while another man is writing something on the paper.

The power in demand. DATANORY AI & BI allows users to predict future demand and adjust the level of preparedness that is required to match supply with anticipated demand, as part of effective resource management. It allows production to have a closely view on the processing time & demand per unit time as well as the P&L. In other words, businesses are prepared to balance demand parameter with demand factors. Also give users the foresight to set processing time to accommodate the events of the future to reduce risk and accelerate business goals.

A laptop showing valuable information and data through a business intelligence system.

Take action with data. With DATANORY Business Intelligence providing tracking tool to measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in real time, users can obtain up-to-theminute analysis reporting of key data metrics while maintaining high performance levels for operational processing, while obtaining actionable insights for long-term growth.

artificial intelligence business solutions - cross selling

Information is capital. Knowing
customer’s purchase behaviour means the ability to generate more revenue through a series of recommendation to enhance selling methods. This includes suggesting bundle products (crossselling), offering product recommendations (up-selling), and giving cheaper alternative (downselling). DATANORY AI & BI also plays a major role in revenue growth by utilizing stock data analysis.

artificial intelligence business solutions data scientist

Data Scientist

Customization is key. We understand that not every business is made the same, so business solutions should be unique to address each distinctive “personality” of a company. This is the
reason why Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence system is equipped with a high degree of flexibility that allows customization for business users. With data analytics software, we ensure that each solution is like an analytical expert who only produces the most insightful reports that fit the customer’s unique requirements. With going through the proper process with our Data Scientist, we able to turn the raw data and industry knowledge and contextual understanding into insightful report for meaningful business analysis with the help of our excellent Power BI Dashboard. By tailoring Data Scientist, we are able to uncover specific unique solutions for every kind of business to guide business processes and achieve organisational goals.

Artificial Intelligence

Many new businesses are not prepared to face the onslaught of modern challenges. Our goal is to minimize the threat of any challenges faced with a powerful AI technology that accurately predicts and offers sound solution with the Machine Learning to resolve an issue before it even happens. 

AI betters itself over time. It prides itself on its ability to rationalize and formulate action with the highest chances of success.

Highly advanced with incredible speed and accuracy, DATANORY Artificial Intelligence (AI) system can benefit businesses by:
    • Anticipate demand from the market and adjust inventory to meet the forecasted demand
    • Improve company financial planning with accurate profit and loss forecasting.
    • Identifying the business threats and enhance risk management
    • Deciding the optimal strategy that secures best position in the market

DATANORY Sales & Operation System help you succeed in Manufacturing & Retail Distribution Business AI & BI
artificial intelligence business solutions forecasting

Business Process Automation

Many businesses leverage artificial intelligence business solutions to automate operations and gain valuable insights to achieve explosive growth. With this module, you can automate repetitive tasks and eliminate error processes, enabling impactful decision-making. Artificial intelligence (AI) can analyze complex data, interpreting information into actionable insights to facilitate decision-making processes, minimize risks and improve business performance.

Business Analysis & Forecasting

Big data or historical data serves as an important data source, empowering businesses to identify untapped markets before competitors, spot trends, and predict demands. Artificial intelligence business solutions help to reveal insights, avoid unnecessary risks, and identify potential & new opportunities. With this analytics module, business owners can effortlessly generate better business forecasts based on inventory levels, supply chain management, pricing strategies, product demand, financial control, promotional campaigns, and sales targets. Managed business with precision.

artificial intelligence business solutions automation
DATANORY Sales & Operation System help you succeed in Manufacturing & Retail Distribution Business Customised Solution

Interactive Dashboard & Data Visualization

A picture tells a thousand insights. With high degree of customization, DATANORY Artificial Intelligence & Business Intelligence (AI & BI) system offers friendly & interactive visual reports in the form of charts, diagrams, tables, scorecards and spreadsheets. It can be configured the collected data for analysis which applies your own business algorithm and displayed in different performance metrics, statistics and other information to allow users a more thorough understanding of the data, visualization is fleshed out in hierarchical fashion, for a quick once-over.

One screen to do it all. Make any decisions quickly with the help of data visualizations which feature several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and trends. Our power BI dashboard is designed to include other important metrics such as data points for organization, department, team, and process. In other words, it is the flexibility to gain different insight with customized views.

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