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We’ve been through the digital transformation journey with thousands of enterprise clients and partners over the years, and we recognise that each company has its own set of system requirements for running the business. As such, DATANORY was created to provide a comprehensive set of business solutions that focus on Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and other industries of all sizes. Discover more about our SaaS Sales Management System in Malaysia.

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Datanory is a fully-integrated, unified, and highly functional solution, uniquely designed for our clients. It is developed to help users of different industries and natures to excel beyond their potential. This cutting-edge solution is crafted with convenience and ease of use in mind, allowing everyone from management to front-liners with a platform to manage in all aspects, easily upholding our promises and delivering satisfaction to end consumers.


We have in mind an efficient solution that allows users to easily keep track and monitor each process, ensuring efficiency and avoiding communication error and data dispute at different levels. Flexibility reigns as this solution can be easily personalized and customized according to different needs. With enhancement of Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence software capabilities in Datanory Solution, users can now powerfully automate tedious processes and make better decision for businesses.

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Our Expertise

With over 13 years of experience providing digital solutions to more than 50 clients from various industries.









Seamlessly & Analytics, All In DATANORY DATANORY DATANORY

By combining cutting-edge analysis methods, data expertise, and technology; we are able to offer one single solution, shared through multiple platforms of data seamlessly, a unified tree of interconnected parts that will become an industry core standard of the future through our data analytics software in Malaysia.

The name DATANORY is derived from the portmanteau of the words “data” and “signory”, two important elements that support our innovation prowess and strong vision as a company and a pioneer of the industry.

The first element, “data”, refers to the core component, the building block of what we do best to uphold the vision of MC Crenergy. We aim to unlock the power of data to turn ambitions into reality, and goals into growth. We believe in the transformative power of data, its unique innovation for growth, and strong applications in tools and strategies to analyze trends in the future.

“Signory” reflects our power, authority, strength, and domain to offer our core offering, our latest technology, and our continuous improvement to enable clients to do more for less. DATANORY empowers our clients by delivering the best of what the industry can offer to realize their fullest potential. By bringing these two elements together, we can bridge the gap between data and technology by bringing together businesses, people, and systems in one unified platform to improve business sustainability and nurture business growth.

Ultimately, we want to offer a complete data analytics software solution, distribution management system, and platform that elevates how users manage, identify and utilize data. For accelerated business growth that lasts not only for today but tomorrow.

The Best System Across Different Industries
DATANORY Solutions For Every Industrial Need

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Sales Forces Automation System

Maximized Sales Operation & Performance from Primary (Wholesaler) to Secondary Sales (Retails). DATANORY Sales Force Automation System offers high flexibility and customisation to enhance speed and control for your sales operation. With well-organized sales transaction data, SFA able to transform a full picture view of your business health.

Distribution Management System

Efficiency is the name of the game. Let DATANORY Distribution Management System automates the supply chains, delivery timelines, sales & promotion arrangement, inventory Control quality, in ways beyond your imagination. Allow your data to reveal ways to maximize resources and improve accuracy and speed. 

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Time & Attendance System

Efficiently integrate the staff attendance records to assess and oversee your Human Resource data with our sales management system at your fingertips. Minimize manual work, eliminate repetitive tasks, evaluate employee performance, manage talent, and optimize your most valuable resources – your People

Merchandising Operations Management System

Extract greater value from your data across the entire retail enterprise. Allow DATANORY Merchandising Operations Management System to manage merchandising operation end-to-end process and integrate thousands of data sources to solve all your complex retails upstream and downstream operational challenges.

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DATANORY Sales & Operation System help you succeed in Manufacturing & Retail Distribution Business TPMS

Trade Promotion Management System

Access Trade Promotion Performance within easy reach. View the impact of your marketing Promotion Campaigns by connecting them to our sales management system for smarter trade promotion planning. Leverage marketing techniques with data-driven insights to create better promotional campaigns with an optimal budget, offers and pricing to drive the highest profits from specific target areas, outlets and customers.

Promoter Operation Management System

Act on real-time insights to ensure your retail frontlines maintain quality at the highest standard. Their professionalism and performance are the key to driving sales and profit.

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AI & Business Intelligence System

Infuse your business with unbelieve speed, accuracy and scale. Transform raw data into actionable plan that leads to new business opportunities. Empower your business to take the next step with our business intelligence software. Let Business Intelligence take you there.

Customisation & Services

A company’s growth rate is determined by its operational efficiency. It depends on how bold and how quick a company can tackle its multitude of business challenges. With a multi-functional solution & our professionalism that meets all the business’s needs, DATANORY software customization ensures sustainability and long-term business success.

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    Every business has its own culture, procedure, and processes; there is no one-size-fits-all software in the market to fit all unique needs and requirements without compromising on results.

    By knowing what clients are facing, their challenges, requirements and expectations, we are able to deliver a tailored-fit, customized solution with a higher success rate, shorter adaptation period, and greater flexibility.

    MC Crenergy has the experience and expertise to customize technology that empowers client’s operations. A customized solution that fits client’s needs perfectly, reducing friction and resistance, while promoting greater success in adaptation & business performance.