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Sales Force Automation Order System & Mobile Sales App

The Only Sales Force Software that Matters. Discover how DATANORY Sales Force Automation Order System (SFA) helps you track leads, close sales, and gain accurate forecasts. SFA puts you in the driver’s seat. Quickly review sales performances, schedule activities, and manage the entire process flow – all from one convenient place. Automate sales force system to enhance sales operations and significantly boost sales revenue.

Mobile Sales App is also fully integrated with other DATANORY systems. Get a free consultation with our team if you wish to know more about DATANORY SFA and our sales force pricing.

Get a quick overview & explore the Full Set of DATANORY Sales Force Automation System (SFA) :

  Pre-Sales & Van Sales Module

  Sales Route Planning Module

  Sales Order Taking Module

  Automated Marketing Module

  Goods Returns Module

  Collection Module

  Data Integration

  Real-time Performance Insights & Reporting

DATANORY SFA Turning Risk Into Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity

With DATANORY Sales Force Automation System (SFA), You’ll Be Able To:


Pain Points Experienced

  • Revenue not optimized
  • Lacking of data to perform complete sales forecast
  • Slow ordering process
  • Inability to minimize cost or reduce wastage of returned goods

Benefits of SFA

  • Create efficient routes, shorter traveling times & minimize operations costs
  • Monitor sales productivity, increase opportunities for business growth and maximize sales
  • Cut down on redundancy and minimize human errors
  • Speed up sales team productivity & maximise sales order
  • Make better decisions to motivate and enhance sales team’s performance

Leaders in These Industries Trusted SFA System

  • FMCG
  • F&B
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Trading & Distribution
  • Retails
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Pre-Sales & Van Sales Module

Learn how DATANORY SFA system increases productivity by empowering sales force with extensive product and account information. DATANORY SFA is designed to manage Pre-Sales and Van-Sales operation. Widely regarded as the best sales force automation solutions in Malaysia, DATANORY SFA is known for improving efficiency especially when it comes to sales order taking and overall sales processes. Sales personnel can easily access prospective clients information to offer better consultation, suggest accurate product or service to order, and cut down on overall presales time. Seize full visibility and enhance accountability by performance tracking measure (such as GPS Geofencing). Convert leads into paying customers.

Sales Route Planner Module

Make the most of every day in the field. DATANORY SFA allow retailers to easily set sales route and efficiently distribute leads among reps to accomplish more while ensuring that all targeted areas are strategically covered.

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Sales Order Taking Module

Get your product or service into the hands of customers with the best sales force pricing plan. DATANORY SFA allows your sales team to fulfil the customer’s order efficiently and quick – from billing to production and logistics. DATANORY SFA also promotes repeat buying behavior by tracking purchase history and suggesting relevant type of goods and suitable quantity to cross-sell.

Automated Marketing Module

Deliver the right message to the right people. DATANORY SFA is one powerful tool to carry out the right promotional activity for all customers. Allow your sales team powerfully execute various promotional campaign to boost sales and retain customers with this sales force system. Ensure all corporate promotional schemes, discount and even gift purchased are carried out for all customers in a timely and accurate manner.

DATANORY Sales & Operation System help you succeed in Manufacturing & Retail Distribution Business SFA

Good Returns Module

Restore order to your returns processes. DATANORY Sales Force Automation is a one-stop platform for everything your sales team needs to initiate, manage, and restock returns. Keep track of all returned goods; ensuring that they are well collected, delivered, and returned to the warehouse safely. Efficiency is the name of the game. DATANORY SFA offers users to issue Goods Received Note (GRN) to customers in just one tap, all records are well tracks with the easy process.

Collection Module

Guard against late payments or defaults. DATANORY SFA allows your sales team properly evaluate and track the creditworthiness of existing customers to minimize potential for loss and strategically reduce any risks of extending credit. Notification alert will be triggered if any new sales order exceeded the credit terms.

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Data Integration

Everything you need, at one go. Imagine the power to manage all your sales activities in one place. Conveniently access all sales transaction data and seamless integration with other systems allows you to get a complete picture of your business performance and health.

Real-time Performance Insights & Reporting

Lightning fast performance insights and reporting. One simple, powerful dashboard to provide real-time performance insights. Get data to everybody’s hands immediately to save precious time and allow your company to strive ahead of your competitors by identifying sales and business opportunities before anyone else. Powerfully sync data in a way that minimizes error that could otherwise occur in manual labour.

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