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Time Attendance Management System

DATANORY offers Human Resources professionals a leading solution to unlock staff productivity and improve workplace efficiency. DATANORY Time and Attendance System (TAS) is a digital solution to helps you reduce labor costs, increase productivity, promote worker well-being, and confidently manage compliance risks. With high functionality, it eliminates unneeded effort and simplifies routine, yet powerful enough to be customized not only for different groups of employees, but also for different group of companies.

DATANORY TAS is also fully integrated with any third party systems.

Get a quick overview & explore the Full Set of DATANORY Time and Attendance System (TAS) :

  E – Profile

  E-Time & Attendance

  HR Reporting


  Payroll Integration / Customization

DATANORY TAS Turning Risk Into Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity

With DATANORY Time & Attendance (TAS), You’ll Be Able To:

Pain Points

Resolve Pain Points

  • Difficulty monitoring staff attendance and work performance from multiple locations
  • High unjustified overtime claims
  • Unable to maximize employees’ potential
  • Lost documents from outstation claims & delay in claim approval leading to employee dissatisfaction.
  • Data discrepancy from different sources and manual update
Plus Points


  • Reduce incomplete or erroneous claim submission
  • Automate computation of claimable amount and entitlement limit
  • GPS & Real Time Data to track fraudulent overtime and attendance status
  • Flexible duty roaster scheduler to track all attendance records from various locations
  • Better insights for management to understand each employees performance strength and weakness, to improve employee productivity and align with company goal.

Leaders in These Industries Trusted TAS System

  • All MNC / SME / GLCs


Built for employees, designed for employers. DATANORY TAS is created to facilitate better decision making for management, and developed to allow employees the flexibility to update profile without going through the additional bureaucracy. Our time attendance management system offers a convenient platform for employers to quickly glance all important information like company policy, employee entitlements, daily activities of each department at one go.

E-Time & Attendance

Allow Human Resources professionals a powerful access to all employees attendance records, even those of other branch offices, in one place. DATANORY TAS aims to promote better decision making and improve workplace efficiency by offering data on employee’s behavior, movement, productive hours and routine in an easy to understand manner.

HR Reporting

Empower management to quickly and accurately review the performance of employees, such as attendance, punctuality, health, claims & productivity. With all performance history at the fingertips, it is easier to assess KPIs and evaluate goals to determine the employees’ overall performance. Effectively reduce data entries from different sources, and cutting down costs associated with physical storage space. Employee evaluation – minus the hassle.


Say goodbye to traditional claim processes. MC Crenergy’s exceptional time attendance management system is a convenient module that allows employees to easily submit and justify expenses, while letting management review expenses and either approve or reject requests as needed. With DATANORY TAS in place, expect streamline expenses management and no more worries about incomplete or missing claims submissions.

Payroll Integration & Customization

Accuracy is our middle name. A seamless payroll system that works for you – every single time. Promotes greater flexibility by integrating not only employees salary, but also claims,
leave, overtime, incentives, insurance and even employees evaluation. In other words, DATANORY TAS increases human resources efficiency without increasing the cost associated
with manpower. Automation of human resources processes the way to go.

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