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Store & Promoter Operation Management System

Your promoter is the face of your brand in the eyes of consumers. Their interaction with customers is a great source of insights for management to gain competitive advantage and make timely critical decisions. As the best software development company in Malaysia, we offer an exceptional DATANORY Promoter Operation Management System (POMS) that will take your business to the next level!

DATANORY Store and Promoter Management System allows admin or supervisor to track a promoter’s professionalism, sales performances, productivity, and also offer the real time reports that ensure your team perform at the highest standards, giving you complete confidence and peace-of-mind.

DATANORY POMS is also fully integrated with other 3rd party systems.

Get a quick overview & explore the Full Set of DATANORY Promoter Operation Management System (POMS) :

  Time & Attendance Tracking Module

  Budget Planning Module

  STAR Product Module

  Sales Target & Performance Module

  Gift With Purchase (GWP) Module

promoter management system solution

DATANORY POMS Turning Risk Into Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity

With DATANORY POMS, You’ll Be Able To:

Pain Points

Resolve Pain Points

  • Tedious and time consuming to verify promoters’ activity & difficult to keep up with promoters’ attendance at multiple location.
  • Miscommunication between offsite and onsite staff ad causing the on ground promotional campaign not executed properly.
  • Unorganized and undisciplined gift allocation, misplaced or insufficient free gifts as well as inconsistent reporting of sales record.
  • Unjustified overtime claims & inaccurate calculation of sales commissions
Plus Points


  • Enhance staff/ promoter monitoring process & avoid fraudulent attendance
  • Improve sales of STAR product during specific event & Well traceability of free gifts, Tally Sales & GWPs
  • Eliminate miscommunication errors & align management target with on-ground team performance to maximize sales performance
  • Minimize fraudulent claims, improve process efficiency & speed up admin verification process

Leaders in These Industries Trusted POMS System

  • FMCG
  • F&B
  • Telecommunication
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Retails
  • Event & Advertising
field sales management software for time and attendance tracking module

Time & Attendance Tracking Module

Digitize promoter management to free up your schedule & improve efficiency by remotely manage your promoters to ensure a peace of mind. Easily manage and review staff attendance, sales performance, location, working shift, promotion and onsite activities with the GPS Tracking system.

Budget Planning Module

Stretch the budget to make it work for your business. With the DATANORY Promoter Operation Management System on board, easily manage budget and improve resource planning to squeeze higher profitability from expenses. Anticipate risks from the result of promotional campaigns and manage them to circumvent any potential financial loss before it happens.

A person is holding a mouse while looking at the promoter management system.
field sales management software module

STAR Product Module

Information on STAR products will be listed clearly on DATANORY POMS to avoid confusion and minimize errors, even though you have multiple promotions running concurrently at different outlets. It’s easier to deliver the right promotion info to all your promoters at one
go. Promote uniformity of information which allows promoters to convey one unified message to consumers. Make greater impact of sales campaign by maximising promotional awareness.

Sales Target and Performance Module

Align performance with expectations. Enhance flexibility by allocating a specific target for each promoter or team member. DATANORY POMS, a field sales management software encourages transparent communication between onsite teams (promoters) and management, ensuring expectations and performance remain synchronized.

Sales target and performance, promoter management system
Gift with purchase and promoter management system module

Gift With Purchase (GWP) Module

DATANORY POMS is equipped with the technology to help record and track GWPs to reduce loss, misplacement, and human errors, while at the same time, promotes accountability and improve profit margin from reduced expenses and increased sales revenue. Thoroughly improve visibility and traceability of Gift with Purchase (GWPs) distribution. A gift of efficiency, indeed.

Claims Submission

A more efficient way to claims. DATANORY POMS allows the direct submission of claims by promoters to save time and improve operational processes. Cut down manual works and eliminate labour costs to boost the overall productivity of the company.

claim submission field sales management software
A laptop showing the commission data in promoter management system.

Commission Module

Automating commission processes. Let DATANORY POMS promote flexibility in commission rate setting & keep a close eye on your labour costs. Automation in commissions will greatly improve accuracy and personalization as commissions can be set and computed individually. You’ll never have to deal with manual work or a convoluted process again.

Explore other solutions that you may prefer, such as warehouse management systems and artificial intelligence systems, to discover the ideal system for your business needs. If you want to learn more about our field sales management software, contact us for more details!



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