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Trade Promotion Management

DATANORY Trade Promotion Management System (TPMS) empowers manufacturers and retailers to create an optimal promotional plan to confidently retain and maintain market share. Keep up with evolving market needs by flexibly adjusting models and calculations and streamlining marketing promotion management through cross-enterprise alignment. DATANORY puts the power back to business owners as it allows them to manage and improve the promotion workflow, increase operation productivity and revenue as well as monitor trade expenses. Business growth improves with confidence by identifying business opportunities and improving strategies for future campaigns.

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DATANORY TPMS is also fully integrated with other systems.

Get a quick overview & explore the Full Set of DATANORY Trade Promotion
Management System (TPMS) :

  Sales Promotion Planning & Budgeting Module

  Demand & Supply Module

  Trade Promotion Optimization Module

  Flexi Promotion Price Module

  Promoter Management Module

  Super Integration Module

  Sales & Promotional Inventory Report

  Promotion P&L Report

DATANORY TPMS Turning Risk Into Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity

With DATANORY Trade Promotion Management System (TPMS), You’ll Be Able To:

Pain Points

Resolve Pain Points

  • Inability to manage multiple trade promotion campaigns running concurrently
  • Lack of proper solution for trade budgets planning
  • Difficulty keeping track of sales force and trade expenses
  • Lack of tools to track campaign effectiveness, missing POSM and gifts.
Plus Points


  • Optimizes trade investments with proper planning and control
  • Improves operation productivity and trade promotion workflow
  • Enhances trade promotion efficiency & ROI
  • Better insight for analytics leading to fortified decision making

Leaders in These Industries Trusted TPMS:

  • FMCG
  • Manufacturing
  • F&B
  • Telecommunication
  • Retails

Sales Promotion Planning & Budgeting Module

Perfect sales promotion campaign, every single time. Meet promotional objectives by having a strong grasp on time and budget. DATANORY TPMS enables users to design and keep track of multiple promotional campaigns for various outlets, different zones and different promotional periods. Management is given a clear overview of the year’s sales forecast and campaign expenses in order to minimize risk and seize every opportunity.

Demand & Supply Planning Module

Balance is the key. Carefully juggle supply planning in order to meet the demand from targeted market. DATANORY TPMS offers powerful tools that allows users to set baseline forecasts for sales items, optimizing supply requirements, in order to avoid any shortage or surplus.

Trade Promotion Optimization Module

Optimize the impact of trade promotions on profitability. This powerful technology gives users the freedom to create guidelines, set goals, allocate budgets and quantity of sales items (SKUs), gifts and premium (based on promotion mechanism) for different outlets. Continuously enhances the effectiveness of trade promotion strategies by keeping track and controlling inventory and Point of Sale Materials (POSM) as well as reducing the promotional expenses.

Flexi Promotion Price Module

Standardization is the key. Conveniently offers a platform for users to set a standardized market selling price for promotional campaign. Also with the advance setting, DATANORY TPSM also has the power to determine and control different promotional prices for different SKUs at different outlets during a specified promotional period.

Promoter Management Module

May the sales force be with you. DATANORY TPMS is an all-in tool that offers full-fledged functionality for all promoter management matters. Allows business owners to assign, monitor, track, process payroll, claims and all activities related to a promoter’s nature of work. Improve efficiency and easy to manage!

Super Integration Module

Synergy is the way forward. DATANORY TPMS is built to be flexible in its integration ability. Users can input any data they from any primary sources into DATANORY TPMS to generate comprehensive high-quality reports and powerful insights. DATANORY TPMS also integrates seamlessly with SAP, SQL, Salesforce, CRM, Inventory System and more.

Sales & Promotional Inventory Report

Instant reporting is possible. Say goodbye to manual paperwork and say hello to a new way of reporting. With DATANORY TPMS, promoters are able to update and upload daily sales report to management with their mobile devices. Management is able to capture sales data & generate reports instantly with the latest technology of data visualization and make better decision that reflects real-time market changes.

Promotion P&L, Insight Reporting

Generate a more meaningful Profit and Loss statement to allow an organization to strive ahead and capture greater market shares. DATANORY TPMS enhances a P&L report with greater insights by gauging the effectiveness of trade promotion activities. Business owners are able to examine the trade spending and comparing it to ROI. With strong analysis from
P&L reports, users can develop a stronger improvement plan to optimize future trade promotion campaigns.


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