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Here you may obtain answers to your questions regarding the company’s agreement terms, policies, intellectual property, corporate governance, and compliance, which indicates how businesses can connect with customers & partners in a proper manner.

Subscription Agreement

A Subscription Agreement is a legally binding contract between a Software Provider and a Customer, detailing the terms under which the customer can access and use the provider’s software. This agreement typically includes the duration of the subscription, the fees payable by the customer, the services included, data handling practices, and the obligations and rights of both parties. By signing the agreement, the customer agrees to abide by its terms and conditions, including payment obligations, usage limits, and any restrictions on software use. It also often addresses renewal terms, cancellation policies, and the process for amending the agreement. The Subscription Agreement serves to protect both the provider’s intellectual property and the customer’s rights to access and use the software, ensuring clear expectations are set and legally upheld throughout the duration of the subscription.

Support Terms

Support Terms define the scope, availability, and procedures for technical support provided by a service provider to its customers. These terms are important component of service agreements, which outlining the level of support, response times, support channels (such as email, chat and any associated costs.

The Support Terms detail the types of service requests are covered, such as troubleshooting, software updates, maintenance, and operational guidance. It’s also specify the hours during which support is available, prioritization of requests, and any exclusions or limitations. For example, support might be divided into levels or tiers, with more complex issues being escalated to higher levels of support.

By clearly defining these terms, both the service provider and the customer have a mutual understanding of how support issues will be handled, what to expect in terms of service responsiveness, and any obligations the customer has to facilitate support (like providing access or necessary information). This clarity helps in managing expectations and ensures a smoother operational relationship between the provider and the customer.


Software Customization

Unique Customized Solution for Unique Business Goal

Every business has its own culture, procedure, and processes; there is no one-size-fits-all software in the market to fit all unique needs and requirements without compromising on results.

By knowing what clients are facing, their challenges, requirements and expectations, we are able to deliver a tailored-fit, customized solution with a higher success rate, shorter adaptation period, and greater flexibility.

MC Crenergy has the experience and expertise to customize technology that empowers client’s operations. A customized solution that fits client’s needs perfectly, reducing friction and resistance, while promoting greater success in adaptation & business performance.