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Distribution, Warehouse & Supply Chain Management System in Malaysia

Businesses today have to juggle thousands of distributors, millions of retailers, and billions of transactions. Managing this vast network of supply chains can be extremely demanding. An effective Distribution Management System (DMS) can lighten the burden on business owners by offering a range of unified processes that save both time and energy. DATANORY DMS helps control promotions, improve sales & productivity, streamline supply chain management and sales processes, and distributor claims all under one system. Contact us for more information about the warehouse management system in Malaysia.

DATANORY DMS is fully integrated with other systems and it allows business owners to gain a full picture of their business performance & analysis.

Get a quick overview & explore the Full Set of DATANORY Distribution Management System (DMS) :

  Sell In Sell Out Data Integration Center

  Inventory & Stock Movement Control

  Procurement Planning & Approval System

  Price & Promotion Control

  Distributor Claims

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DATANORY DMS Turning Risk Into Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity

With DATANORY Distribution Management System (DMS), You’ll Be Able To:

Pain Points

Resolve Pain Points

  • Lack of real-time and actionable market data
  • Avoid supply shortage, negative returns and stock transfer issue
  • Lack of budgetary control & cost-benefit analysis
  • Unsystematic ordering tracking & purchasing process
  • Pricing discrepancy (multiples contract & package), and human errors due to manual work
Plus Points


  • Digitally compile real time data from distributors
  • Avoid transaction data dispute from different sources
  • Understand market demand & product weakness & Maximize profits
  • Avoid shortage & wastage issue
  • Improve supply chain efficiency & Offers strong support to distributors
  • Reduce workflow, labour cost & minimize fraudulent

Leaders in These Industries Trusted Pain Points: DMS System

  • Manufacturing / Production
  • FMCG
  • F&B
  • Pharmaceutical / Health Care
  • Retails
  • Supply Chain
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Sell in Sell Out Data Integration Center

Explore how MC Crenergy incorporated distribution sales, warehouse and supply chain management into a single platform. With the integration of sales & inventory data for analytical decision-making, DATANORY DMS empowers businesses to anticipate demand and optimize supply. Leveraging the capabilities of DMS, a distribution sales and warehouse inventory management software, business owners have higher visibility of their market coverage, market share, trends, and distributor strength to profit from market competition.

Inventory & Stock Movement Control

With DATANORY DMS, you can easily manage different warehouse sources using one unified inventory overview. Also designed as a warehouse management system, this system can conveniently keep track of stock balance and product quantity at warehouses, to ensure supply is always sufficient, improve supply chain efficiency & distribution planning to cut down the risk of stock outages. ONE SYSTEM dedicated for all warehouses and inventories!

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A woman is drawing a graph on the whiteboard while another staff is looking at the distribution management system.

Procurement Planning & Approval

Master procurement planning. Learn how DATANORY DMS can be your all-in-one solution in distribution. This warehouse inventory management software prevents stockouts and overstocking with accurate forecasting, demand planning, and real-time tracking. A powerful tool to streamline complex procedures by eliminating manual tasks and optimizing workflow. Effortlessly carry out the entire procurement cycle from planning and identifying to consolidating – all within the schedule.

Price & Promotion Control

Standardized price and promotion across all channels. Update, set, and export new prices to ensure uniformity for all distributors. Allows users greater flexibility and freedom to change and set prices without a myriad of complicated processes. Strip away complex steps as discounts and promotion scheme being systematically updated to all channels, and retailers across the whole distribution network.

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3 employees are so happy looking at the supply chain management system on the computer.

Distributor Claims

Higher number of distributors means higher number of transactions. Let the DATANORY distribution management system assists you to ensure all important requirements have been completed before a claim can proceed. With DATANORY DMS in place, smoother claim process and greater productivity can be achieved with lesser manpower, exemplifying the power of automation in boosting accuracy and reducing errors.

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