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Transportation Management System

DATANORY Transportation Management Solutions (TMS) is the ultimate solution that puts you in control of your entire transportation network. From planning and optimizing routes to tracking shipments and your driver performance in real time. DATANORY TMS makes logistics management easier. Seamlessly integrate and automate key processes, eliminate manual errors, and streamline your delivery workflow.

DATANORY TMS allows you to gain full visibility into your supply chain, optimize routes, track deliveries, allocate resources effectively and collaborate seamlessly with your team to minimize costs and maximize productivity.

Experience the Full Set of DATANORY Transportation Management System (TMS). Stay connected & in control, even while on the move!

Get a quick overview & explore the Full Set of DATANORY Transportation Management System (TMS) :

  Delivery Route Planning

  Delivery Route Navigation

  Outlet Check In/ Out With Geofencing

  Proof Of Delivery

  Goods Return Pickup

  Real-Time Reports

DATANORY Transportation Management System - TMS Solution Overview

DATANORY TMS Turning Risk Into Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity

With DATANORY Transportation Management System (TMS), You’ll Be Able To:

Pain Points

Resolve Pain Points

  • Lack of real-time visibility & inaccurate tracking on shipment
  • Increase cost for additional trip (fuel & resources), driver missed the delivery
  • Higher risk of inventory shrinkage, theft, lost or misplaced shipments
  • Delayed deliveries will dissatisfied customers
  • Poor reputation & dependability of companies affects business growth
Plus Points


  • Automates delivery process to enhance operational efficiency
  • Enhanced visibility on shipping status, location & efficiency
  • Eliminates paperwork & retrieval with digital Proof of Delivery
  • Reduced human error, mileage & operation expenses
  • Improved communication & customer satisfaction

Leaders in These Industries Trusted TMS System

  • Warehouse & Logistic
  • FMCG
  • F&B
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Distribution & Trading
DATANORY Transportation Management System Module 1 Delivery Route Planning

Delivery Route Planning

This module enables admin & drivers to effortlessly organise their DO (Delivery Order) and optimise their delivery route schedule plans. With our advance real-time insight and AI algorithms, you can ensure that your deliveries are planned in the most effective and cost-efficient manner with the impact of route distance, traffic, and delivery time.

Delivery Route Navigation

This module ensures accurate and timely deliveries while minimizing travel time and fuel costs with the user-friendly map interface that enables your driver visualise their delivery route plans for All Must-Visit outlets on an interactive map. Our navigation system is specifically designed to help your drivers reduce the chances of missed deliveries/site visits or inefficient routes.

DATANORY Transportation Management System Module 2 Delivery Route Navigation
DATANORY Transportation Management System Module 3 Outlet Check In

Outlet Check In/Out With Geofencing

This module specifically designed to enhance your delivery operations with the Outlet Check In/Out tracking, reinforced by advanced geofencing technology. Seamlessly track the arrival and departure of delivery personnel at each outlet to improve delivery efficiency.

Proof Of Delivery

POD feature allows the business easily monitor shipment and keep track on every deliveries. It enhance customers & internal team satisfaction with real-time delivery status information, building trust and supporting issue resolution with evidence of the recipient’s digital signatures, taking photos of delivered products, and attaching any necessary proofs & documents. 

DATANORY Transportation Management System Module 4 Proof of Delivery
DATANORY Transportation Management System Module 5 Goods Return Pickup

Goods Return Pickup

To simplify and streamline the goods return process. This module enables admin to easily schedule pickups. The system also tracks every steps of the return process. From picking up the goods and returning them to the warehouse, ensures timely processing and increases customer satisfaction with convenience.

Real Time Reports

With instant access to comprehensive delivery information, these reports empower data-driven decision, enabling the sales team to leveraged the real-time reports to confidently inform customers about delivery reliability (with Proof of Delivery), further strengthening the relationships with customers & also driving sales growth.

DATANORY Transportation Management System Module 6 Real Time Reports

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