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UNI Group Warehouse

UNI Group is a powerhouse in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, renowned for its extensive distribution network and commitment to excellence. Serving a diverse range of clients & products, such as Ribena, Carlsberg & Coca Cola. In May 2024, UNI Group officially onboarded the DATANORY Distribution Management System (DMS) by MC Crenergy to enhance their operational efficiency. Recently, DATANORY’s team visited UNI Group’s warehouse to conduct a full training session for their staff. The purpose of this training was to familiarize the staff with the system, focusing on promotion price settings, sales order taking, inventory control as well as invoice generations. DATANORY’s specialists ensured that UNI Group’s team could fully leverage the system for smoother operations.

The Training Session: A Closer Look

MCCrenergy's User Training session

The actual reasons behind this visit included: 

Training on Promotion Price Settings: 
DATANORY’s specialist walked through the whole process on setting up personalized promotional pricing for each of their clients, eliminating the needs of sales representatives confirming with admin before taking down sales orders. 

Sales Order Taking Training:  
The training also covered a walk through the whole process of sales order taking, such as inventory level checking to avoid overpromising, customer’s purchase history as well as customer’s pending payment to avoid cash flow issues.

Report Generation Training:  
A walk through on how to generate reports based on UNI’s management team, allowing them to have a quick overview of sales report, inventory levels and customer’s payment status.

Invoice Generation Training: 
DATANORY’s specialist also covered on how to generate E-Invoice with the system after order taking to streamline the whole sales process and payment collection.

What Influenced UNI Group to Implement Distribution Management System?

For UNI Group, the decision to adopt a Distribution Management System was driven by several key factors. The complexity of their operations had grown significantly due to an expanding portfolio of FMCG products and a growing client base, making manual sales processes increasingly cumbersome, especially when customers made changes to orders or sales representatives made mistakes, such as entering the wrong SKU code, necessitating order edits. Additionally, UNI Group noticed that, having large number of clients with different promotional prices and having to deliver personalised invoices manually is time-consuming and inefficient. Therefore, UNI Group eagerly searching for a system to streamline their process, where MC Crenergy’s DATANORY DMS was their primary choice. 

Distributors Warehouse

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How the Distribution Management System Overcame UNI's Challenges

The implementation of the DATANORY Distribution Management System significantly addressed UNI Group’s challenges. With DATANORY DMS, UNI Group’s sales representatives can take orders with real-time access to stock levels, product images, and prices, this feature eliminates the needs of two way communication to clarify things before proceed order taking. Additionally, sales representatives can change the customer’s company accordingly in the system, ensuring that all product prices displayed are preset from the backend. This not only streamlined the entire process but also avoided confusion and extra works, enhancing overall efficiency.

What are the Benefits UNI Group Has Gained from This Implementation

The implementation of DATANORY’s DMS has brought numerous benefits to UNI Group. Firstly, the automation in sales order taking and price setting has significantly reduced the workload of the admin team, as orders are automatically synced to the accounting system to generate e-invoices, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Additionally, the streamlined order-taking process minimizes errors for sales representatives, as taking customer orders now only requires a few clicks. This simplified process also frees up time for the admin team to check on order delivery, ensuring timely arrivals and the accuracy of the orders.

Digitalized warehouse management

Disclaimer: This is only an illustration; the scene depicted may differ from the original site.

The journey of UNI Group with DATANORY’s Distribution Management System underscores the transformative power of technology in distribution management. By addressing critical challenges and driving operational excellence, the DMS has empowered UNI Group to achieve remarkable efficiency, cost savings, and customer satisfaction.

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Updated On : 12th June 2024

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