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Merchandising Management System & Planogram Software for Retail Store

Technology that bridges humans. DATANORY state-of-the-art technology allows retailers to understand their customers, employees and business like never before. DATANORY Merchandising Operation Management System (MOMS) helps retailers powerfully integrate data from different sources to reveal insights that help optimize planning and execution. Empowering retailers by injecting efficiency in essential processes such as distribution sales & retail auditing, item pricing, marketing survey, product management, inventory planning & operation productivity.

DATANORY MOMS is also fully integrated with other DATANORY systems. Discover the exceptional features of MC Crenergy’s DATANODE Planogram Software for the retail store and our software customization solutions!

Get a quick overview & explore the Full Set of DATANORY Merchandising Operation Management System (MOMS) :

  Route Planning Module

  Time-In Tracking Module

  Inventory Management Module

  Compliance Audit Module

  Price Analysis Module

  Market Intelligence Module

merchandising management system solution

DATANORY MOMS Turning Risk Into Opportunity Opportunity Opportunity

With DATANORY Merchandising Operation Management System (MOMS), You’ll Be Able To:

Pain Points

Resolve Pain Points

  • Slow stock turnover, Low market growth & losing market share
  • Feedback from retailers regarding the lack of service and support
  • Data discrepancy in retailer inventory
  • Supply shortage
  • High Stock return from retailers/ distributors
  • Poor margin & bad sales performance at different zones
Plus Points


  • Improve stock allocation & maximize profits from top retail outlets
  • GPS & Real Time Data to track operation productivity and unattended outlets
  • Improve Planogram Maintenance and maximize sales
  • Provide price guide & pricing strategy to support retailer
  • Better insights for high level analysis and business forecast to enhance business strategy & improve sales

Leaders in These Industries Trusted MOMS System

  • Event Agency
    Event Agency
  • Manufacturing
  • Retails
  • Supply Chain
retail management system route plan module

Route Plan Module

The route to success lies in flexibility. DATANORY Merchandising Operation Management System (MOMS) empowers traditional route planning process in which merchandiser conduct outlet audit activities by allowing easy access to add, remove or reschedule any activities to accommodate any critical changes. Also equipped with outstanding inventory management system features, DATANORY MOMS offers users valuable information to prioritize strategic channels and the tools to powerfully execute Go-To-Market-Strategy or Market survey.

Time-In Tracking Module

Optimize operational productivity with a reliable retail management system. Management can evaluate merchandiser crew & shelf performances on every occasion. This module allows user to track all their daily activities. It is also making it easier for top management to assess the performance of merchandisers in real-time in terms of time spent, stock audits, outlet surveys, number of outlets visited, and average duration per visit.

DATANORY Sales & Operation System help you succeed in Manufacturing & Retail Distribution Business MOMS
Beverage cans are arranged in the storage room that can be tracked on the inventory management system.

Inventory Management Module

Confident profitable decisions are often made with the help of accurate data point. Say goodbye to disputes and misconducts that arise from human errors. With DATANORY MOMS in place, your stock on shelf and warehouse can be reflected accurately on the inventory management system in real time. Keep stock of your stock-keeping. Save time and manpower by modernizing your stock count activity.

Compliance Audit Module

Conduct successful compliance with the DATANORY MOMS program in place. Our retail management system helps evaluate the strength and thoroughness of compliance preparations, ensuring all outlets are meeting the planogram compliance standard and achieving the share of Shelf (SOS) and On Shelf Availability (OSA) targets with this efficient Planogram Software.

Planogram Software for retail store - compliance audit module
Important data are shown on the laptop through merchandising management system.

Price Analysis Module

Just imagine a powerful access to valuable market data and price analysis. Allow DATANORY MOMS to feed real-time retail prices to empower your merchandising management system in making accurate pricing execution; and profitable sales & market share analysis. The right date influences management’s ability to set price change, clearances, and promotion. The price is right with DATANORY MOMS.

Market Intelligence Module

Risk is no longer unpredictable & know the market insights like never before at one go. Get an in-depth view of your market with data consolidated from cross-channel of sales, returns, and market survey. Learn from the market insight that helps you overcome competition, gain greater shares, and launch a product successfully.
retail management system intelligence module



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