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Since its establishment in 2008, MC Crenergy has one goal: to empower organizations of all sizes, from MNCs to SMEs, with powerful digital solutions.

Businesses today face a range of challenges. As business grows, different challenges and opportunities demand different solutions. MC Crenegy helps businesses recognize and overcome their challenges in order to grow and thrive. As the forefront of the industry, MC Crenergy was among the first to equip corporations with unique or personalized digital solutions that allow them to gain competitive advantage to strive ahead of their peers. 

MC Crenergy has offered top software customization solutions to industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retails, logistics, FMCG, F&B, trading, energy & waste, pharmaceutical, finance, retails, education, e-commerce, digital marketing, automotive, telecommunication, and R&D.

MC Crenergy has also improved the flow and operations of Sales Performance & Business, Web & Data Management, Business Process & Infrastructure, CRM & Marketing Activities, Business Operational Issue, and Employee Management. The customized solutions offered by the company has inspired significant changes and meaningful growth in Software Customization, Integration Services (Data Warehouse), and Business Intelligence System Solutions.

With a rich accumulation of 13 years of experience in the business software development field, MC Crenergy is one of most respected and fastest growing MSC status organizations of its kind. A mere mention of its brand name conveys a sense of reliability, trust, and deeply personalized services in the mind of clients. The company name is a distinctive combination of the founder’s initial (MC) and a portmanteau of the words: “creative” and “energy” (Crenergy).

In 12 countries around the world & more than 5,000 of high level users have put their trust on MC Crenergy to delivery impactful results.

It’s time you do the same.

Our Leadership Team

Meet the leaders of our company who drive us to success.

We have a great team of experts who are dedicated to providing our clients with a professional and outstanding experience.

MC Chong


With a decade of experience, MC Chong has built a track record in leading high-performing teams and delivering outstanding results. As CEO, he has implemented several key strategies that have led the company to significant growth, while catalysing the development of several software products that have helped clients to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. He is always ahead of the curve, identifying key trends and opportunities to capitalise on the latest industry developments. He believes in a culture of collaboration, innovation, and accountability; constantly motivating his team to think outside the box and pushing the boundaries of what's possible, while ensuring that they remain focused on delivering only the best for clients.

DATANORY - Head Of Sales MC Crenergy

Teddy Yam

Head of Sales

Teddy Yam is an accomplished professional who has excelled in both engineering and business. After completing his MBA at Victoria University, Australia, Teddy leveraged the combined engineering and business expertise to take on leadership roles in the IT industry. Over the past 15 years, he has worked as a sales consultant for various noted IT companies, helping clients to implement cutting-edge technologies and optimise their operations, while delivering powerful and timely results for clients all over the world. As a key person in Sales, Teddy relies on his combination of technical and business expertise to make a difference in the lives of the many clients that he has served.

DATANORY - Head Of Operation

Jann Yap

Head of Operation

A leading expert with 20 years of experience managing and delivering complex IT projects across various industries. Her roles include formulating strategies, maximizing the company’s productivity, and providing holistic view and analysis of key projects to top management. As a key person in Operations, her strengths lie in her technical prowess in various technologies like Saas, Open Source, Web Technologies, Web Services, Mobile, Reporting, DB Management, VM, HA, Cloud, BI. She is committed to delivering high-quality solutions and maintaining exceptional levels of customer satisfaction. She believes that effective communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills are essential for delivering quality projects.

Vision & Mission


Our Vision

We devote ourselves to becoming a leader in the data solutions industry. We aim to raise the standard in the development of Business intelligence (BI) and Artificial intelligence (AI), Data collection & Analysis tools to automate manual process and improve overall productivity and growth Growing our clients to the next level. We aspire to be a change, a spark, and a catalyst that ignite a powerful revolution in the whole industry.


Our Mission

We believe in the power of innovation for growth. We are dedicated to the art of understanding the clients needs and offering world-class personalized digital solutions at affordable prices. We consistently drench ourselves in latest knowledge of the industry to keep in line with our spirit of continuous improvement. Innovating our offering to deliver first rate results that inspire growth and realize the fullest potential of a company. We embrace business sustainability by developing strategies to foster company longevity.

Our Core Core Core Values



We set an incredibly standard of quality in what we do. Precision and efficiency are the name of our game. Fast, accurate and desirable results that both the clients and ourselves can be proud of.



How we conduct ourselves is as important as what we offer. We uphold an image of professionalism in the way we dress, communicate, and perform.

Continuos Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We consistently strive to improve our products and services to the highest standard. We seek to locate opportunities for improvement continuously.



We believe employees are the single biggest and most important asset of the company. As employees improves, the company continues to grow. Henceforth, we focus on growing each and every member's potential to the fullest.

Exceeding expectation

Exceeding Expectations

We create extra value by delivering far more powerful results than expected from client.



Passion for improvement drives us to challenge our limits and never stay in comfort zone.

Our Milestone & Achievement

Company Inception

The establishment of MC Crenergy in Kuala Lumpur.

JTI Mega Project

Successfully procured a mega project by JTI, an MNC company.

International Expansion

MC Crenergy continued to expand overseas with its first international project for Standard Chartered Singapore

Danone Mega Project

With rapid development, MC Crenergy successfully deployed for Danone (Malaysia, Indonesia & Singapore) a range of systems: Reporting Development, Trade Term Management System (TTM), Eclaim System, Event Management System for ECMI and also delivered a Profit & Loss System for JTI Malaysia.

Continued Global Expansion

Fostered greater working relationship with Danone, continued expansion into international market: first foray into market of China and Australia.

Technological Milestone

Successfully conducted R&D activities to improve and develop SSAS cube project for existing MNC clients.

MSC Status Recognition

MC Crenergy was honoured with an MSC Status (Input any additional recognition/ awards)

Astra Zeneca Mega Project

With greater expertise, MC Crenergy took up new challenge of developing digital solution for Astra Zeneca, its first pharmaceutical client

Growing World Presence

Experienced an immense increase in user base from an influx of new projects from trusted MNC clients. Solutions deployed for clients have been implemented in different countries.

Tohtonku Mega Project

Enhanced the salesforce team and  smoothed out the distribution process of Tohtonku, a respected FMCG company

Sangla Foods & Kajang Rock – Mega Projects

MC Crenergy continued to grow and established a greater brand trust and presence in the market. Helped improved the operations of Sangla Foods, the largest FMCG trading company in Malaysia & also the Kajang Rock, a leading supplier of Quarry and Premix solutions to the construction and development industry in Malaysia.

Shell, Tesco & Carlsberg – Mega Projects

Continued to deepen its skill & development in Retails Management Solution; Mall Management System, Merchandising, & DPMS. Also procured various projects by Shell, Tesco & Carlsberg

Grand Flo Solution – Strategic Partner

A successful partnering with Grand Flo Solution enabled MC Crenergy to undertake more projects.

Accelerated Business Expansion

Growth through the challenges. Continued expansion with latest technology. With average 4 times increase of customer base & 100% growth of total revenue yearly. (70% of MNC companies & 30% SME) from different countries across the Asia Pacific.

Our Culture

We’re more than just a software provider. We’re a team of driven professionals who are dedicated to achieving our goals and having fun while doing it.

Our company culture is all about working smart and playing hard. We believe that by setting and striving for clear goals, we can achieve great things.

We also truly recognise everyone’s efforts and contributions because we believe that a great company is made up of great people.

Our Trusted Customers

MC Crenergy is automating the world and transforming the way a business is managed, one client at a time.

From SME to MNC, we are committed to build trust and drive growth across the industry.


MC Crenergy has the skills and technology
to lead a digital transformation for your business.

It’s time you START START START your digital journey with us.

Software Customization

Unique Customized Solution for Unique Business Goal

Every business has its own culture, procedure, and processes; there is no one-size-fits-all software in the market to fit all unique needs and requirements without compromising on results.

By knowing what clients are facing, their challenges, requirements and expectations, we are able to deliver a tailored-fit, customized solution with a higher success rate, shorter adaptation period, and greater flexibility.

MC Crenergy has the experience and expertise to customize technology that empowers client’s operations. A customized solution that fits client’s needs perfectly, reducing friction and resistance, while promoting greater success in adaptation & business performance.