Biscuit Manufacturing (Julie's) Scales Faster with DATANORY Sales Force Automation

Have you ever wondered how a local biscuit company managed to expand so rapidly like Julie’s? Julie’s is an international, award-winning biscuit brand sold in 80 countries across Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Founded in Melaka, Malaysia, and marketed as Julie’s since 1985, it has been able to achieve this success due to its focus on digital transformation and the adoption of Sales Force Automation (SFA) technology, aka. The ultimate Sales Software.

What challenges that Julie’s face before implementing DATANORY Sales Force Automation?

As a growing company, Julie’s faced several critical challenges, including a lack of real-time information from the internal, example sales & operation team. The issue may cause them inability to respond to market needs and demands, due to slow operational processes, slow reporting method, poor risk management & forecasting.

To address these challenges, Julie’s embarked on a sales force system for a digital transformation journey with DATANORY Salesforce Automation, this Sales Software is specially designed to enhance the efficiency of sales operations and address issues related to sales activities, inventory, and market expansion for manufacturing & distribution sales sector.

How did DATANORY Sales Force Automation Overcome the Sales & Operations Challenges encountered by Julie’s?

DATANORY Sales Force Automation is a digital tool that is designed to automate repetitive tasks in the sales process, allowing businesses to streamline their operations and reduce errors. By implementing SFA technology, Julie’s was able to overcome many of the challenges it was facing before.

One of the primary challenges that Julie’s faced was a lack of real-time information from the field team. This meant that the company was unable to respond quickly to market demands and customer needs, which led to lost sales and a decrease in customer satisfaction. With Sales Force Automation, Julie’s was able to address this issue by providing its sales team with real-time information and analytics. This sales force system enhances the efficiency of Julie’s sales team, by allowing all sales person to speed up their task whenever they visit the customer. With DATANORY Sales Force Automation solutions, Julie’s Sales Team can take sales order & submit the customer order via the handheld device. And also, during store visits, Sales person can perform stock check activities with Mobile Sales App rather than using manual writing and inventory forms. Furthermore, all the data input by sales team can direct reflect in the system and allowing HQ admin or top management to take necessary analysis & action, as well as able to respond quickly to the market needs & business opportunities.

With this digital process, DATANORY Sales Force Automation also overcome the challenges of Julie’s inability to respond to market needs and demands due to poor analysis. With the real time data accessibility, Julie’s is able to analyze data in real-time and identify market trends, allowing the company to respond quickly to changing of market needs and demands. Therefore, Sales Force System is always playing a vital part enhancing the result of the sales performance.

In addition, Julie’s also able to solve the operational process issues. This is directly impacting the business growth & also to stay competitive in the market. With Sales Force Automation, Julie’s able to minimize the error, miscommunication and mistakes that always happens in operation daily routine. With a helpful Sales Force System, Julie’s operation minimise the data entry error, overlook the sales order submission, losing trace of inventory & customer order as well as delivery arrangement.   

Besides that, Julie’s was able to implement a more organized collection process, which minimized bad debt and overdue payments. Additionally, Sales Force Automation enabled Julie’s to track inventory and distribution from the warehouse to retail, reducing errors and increasing the sales processes and operational efficiency.

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Julie’s enjoys the benefits of DATANORY Sales Force Automation in the Biscuit Industry.

Julie’s able to accelerate their business expansion with DATANORY Sales Force Automation. One of the benefits was the ability to maximize revenue by making it easier for sales reps to place orders with the Handheld System. This feature significantly reduced the time taken to process orders, which, in turn, allowed the sales reps to spend more time interacting with customers & visit more outlets. Additionally, DATANORY Sales Force Automation offer Julie’s the ability to track inventory and distribution sales channels, from warehouse to retail, Julie’s was able to reduce errors and increase efficiency, resulting in a more organized collection process to increase their profits.

Sales Force Automation also enabled Julie’s to respond quickly to market demands and customer needs, resulting in increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. Besides, DATANORY Sales Force Automation Dashboard Reports also provides Julie’s to have strong understanding about the market demand, and this insight allow Julie’s to have better planning on their sales strategy, promotion, production and inventory.

Julie’s rely on technology to accelerate Business Growth by Implementing DATANORY Sales Force Automation.

Julie’s start implements DATANORY Sales Force Automation in 2021, and the company had significant hurdles to overcome. Before implementing Sales Force Automation, Julie’s faced several challenges related to slow operational processes and a lack of real-time information from the field team. With the help of DATANORY Sales Force Automation, Julie’s was able to address these issues and streamline their sales processes, inventory and risk management, and rapidly expand their market share.

The Sales Force Automation system provided by DATANORY enabled Julie’s to achieve its business’s full potential. DATANORY Sales Force Automation System was designed to enhance efficiency in sales operations and address issues related to sales activities, inventory, and market expansion. By choosing the right system, Julie’s was able to navigate every obstacle with DATANORY.

One of the critical features of Sales Force Automation was fast and easy document transmission, which was achieved with a single click. This feature allowed Julie’s sales reps to place orders easily, access information & engaged customer more efficiently through the Handheld System.

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DATANORY is at the forefront of Salesforce Automation & the Digital Ecosystem in Manufacturing & Distribution Businesses.

DATANORY ecosystem is tailored to the needs of manufacturers and distribution in the supply chains to help them better manage their workforce, boosts sales, reduce expenses, make better decisions, and MORE. Therefore, the system can rapidly address the workforce and operational issues that have challenged Julie’s (the biscuit industry). Beside than DATANORY SFA ( Salesforce Automation Solutions ), DATANORY Ecosystem consist of a range of solutions which totally benefits for biscuit manufacturing or distribution business. For instants, DATANORY MOMS ( Merchandising Operation Management Solutions ) allowed brand principal easily manage their field force personal, obtain market insight and also assure the Shelf Compliance for all the distribution channels. Another powerful solution like DATANORY TPMS ( Trade Promotion Management Solutions ) can enhance & efficiently manage trade terms and trade promotion initiatives, enable the business to generate greater revenues through broad distribution and stays ahead of the competition. There are a few Advance Technology and Intelligence Solutions which can be implement to biscuit manufacturing & distribution businesses, example the AI Solutions, Powerful BI Dashboard which help the business to identify the business risk, and also provide the useful market insight which allow the business to have better plan on their business strategy to accelerate the business growth.

DATANORY are trusted by many leaders in the fields, as well as movers and shakers in SMEs and MNCs worldwide. We (MC Crenergy Sdn Bhd) as a top software developer and service provider with MSC status. We created DATANORY ECOSYSTEM which has become a leading choice for businesses seeking innovative digital solutions. In addition, we offer a wide range of cutting-edge services to clients from 12 countries around the world. With a proven track record of success, we have more than 5,000 users have trusted DATANORY to help grow their businesses. Experience the power of DATANORY for yourself and see what we can do to help take your company to the next level.  

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Updated On : 18th Mar 2022

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