(Snekku) Malaysian Favorites Snacks Manufacturer: Celebrating Raya and Witnessing Success With DATANORY Sales Force Automation

(Snekku) Malaysian Favorites Snacks Manufacturer: Celebrating Raya and Witnessing Success With DATANORY Sales Force Automation ​

As the festive lights of Hari Raya brightened our spirits, Snekku, a cherished snack manufacturer in Malaysia, enriched our celebrations with a thoughtful gift of snacks. These treats, ranging from crowd favorites like Mimi, TamTam, to ShoyueMi, are more than just tokens of generosity; the gifts represent Snekku’s appreciation for our partnership and journey to success. 

Why Snekku Implement DATANORY Sales Force Automation System

We are glad to develop these bonds with Snekku by addressing significant challenges from their sales process where it was bogged down by manual, repetitive tasks, with sales personnel and administrators required to double-handle data entry for customer orders. This not only slowed down the processing but also increased the risk of errors—issues that were becoming increasingly untenable as Snekku continued to grow. 

Because of these challenges, DATANORY’S Sales Force Automation System inplace and helping our amazing client (Snekku) to smoothen their process and growth. Through the implementation of our sales force automation, we’ve seen significant progress in tackling previous inefficiencies, setting the stage for future successes. 

This is not just a Raya Gift from Snekku but it significant markers of a flourishing partnership. The team of MC Crenergy are happy to receive the gifts as it represents Snekku’s appreciation to our efforts. We cherish our ongoing relationship with Snekku and look forward to achieving further milestones together. 

As we move forward, MC Crenergy remains committed to enhance system’s features and abilities to support our clients in growing rapidly. 

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Updated On : 23th Apr 2024

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