How the Salesforce Automation helps Retailers & FMCG to boost Sales ?

Some conventional brands believed that traditional retail was doomed due to market changes, but this statement is absolutely wrong. There is because most of the traditional brands are still unaware of the advancement in technology that can enhance the business operations and sales.

Let’s take a look at the percentage of consumers that shop online and offline on a weekly basis in the US, UK, and Australia in 2021

According to statistic report 2021, percentage of consumers that purchases offline is higher than online shopping. Therefore, the record is proven that consumers still tend to buy the products at retail stores. Certainly, despite the growth of Lazada, Shopee, Alibaba, and other online shopping platforms, the retail relationship remains crucial.

After all, all these marketplace platforms which allow the Consumer Goods Leader to sell, but it is also allowed other retailers of private label brands to compete. As a result, this could be a part of the business threat for all the Consumer Goods Players. In this ongoing competition for shelf space, retailers and FMCG players must boost their ability to sell in order to survive.


How the Salesforce Automation enables Retailers and FMCG industries to increase sales?

There are many strategies you can improve your retail & sales team performance, but first you may leverage certain technology to support your business with lesser costs and resources.

1. Optimise your in-store execution with Salesforce Automation

Recruit sales representatives that are enthusiastic and knowledgable about the products you sell. Many Retail, F&B & FMCG industry train their employees on how to identify a customer’s needs and desires, and then they will promote and match those needs to customer with variety of products, and demonstrate the value of their selections. Furthermore, some retailers are using the GWP tactic (Gift With Purchase) and Promotion Strategy to gain customer loyalty and understand consumer buying behaviour. If you’re choosing a great solution to boost your in-store execution, look into DATANORY Salesforce Automation Solution.

This Solution will provide you with valuable insight to increase your sales. By focusing on consumer experience, personalisation, and the quality of your services. Retailers and industry leaders can assure relevance regardless of what other brands are on the shelf.

2. Setting achievable sales targets & establish a great strategy with Salesforce Automation Solution

Setting sales targets is one of the most crucial aspects of growing your retail business.

Setting an achievable sales objective requires you to develop a credible framework for execution in order to meet your sales target.

Budgeting is always the initial step in projecting your total goal. It is important to manage your budget and optimise your resource planning in order to bring more profit out of your expenses. This allows you to foresee risks and prevent financial loss before it happens.

To get started your Sales Budget and Target Planning, check our the best budget planning tools DATANORY.

After you’ve developed your plans and goals, keep up the communication with your on-ground team (promoter) and keep them top of mind throughout the day about your key focus product (STAR Product).

An great approach to accomplish this execution is to use the DATANORY STAR Product Module, which allows you to deliver campaign and promotion information to all of your promoters at once. With the strong tool that keep track every move from your team & customers, you will be able to gain access to real-time data and keep an eye on the results of your sales campaigns and promotions in order to meet your sales targets.

3. Using Salesforce Automation to improve Retail Execution and Sales Performances

It’s often difficult to determine if your sales team is doing their best to improve sales. Due to your sales team job roles, you are not able to keep an eye on your sales representative in the same way like how you monitor other employees that based in office

As a result, no matter how many sales representatives you recruited, you may find it tough to analyse problems and challenges to increase your sales. Therefore, you should test out with Salesforce Automation Solution (SFA) to manage your salesforce and overcome all the challenges.

With DATANORY Salesforce Automation Solution, you can automate and simplify your sales operation process as well as increase your sales team efficiency by using the Pre-sales, Van Sales & Sales Order Taking module, it allow your sales team fully focus on their main role with the automation process from sales ordering to billing, production and other departments. In addition, you can also access your prospective clients information to have better understanding about your customer buying behaviour and improve your profitability by suggesting relevant goods and quantity to cross-sell to them. Besides, your sales reps’ performance can be thoroughly managed using the Sales Route Planning Module of an SFA solution, which ensures that every target customer is covered.

Well, “Where there are challenges, there’s room for improvement.” No matter which industry it is. As the market shifts to the digital era, data-driven companies are more likely to succeed than those that rely on traditional methods. Most of the global market leader aware of  investment in new technology can lead to lower costs and increased profitability. As to keep up with high demand, they are eager to explore and spend more in digital transformation and R&D and adopt automated systems. As the result, digital solution is the most strategic method to keep your business outperform your peers over time.

Alright, as we’ve talked over most of the effective ways to increase the retailer sales and also enhance your salesforce. We hope these tips are able to help you succeed in your business endeavours. You can also find out more about other digital solutions and important tools on how to strategically grow your business in FMCG,  F&B, Retail, Manufacturing & Distribution industries..

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Updated On : 18th Mar 2022

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