RM100mil digital grant to spur digital revolution among MSMEs

SME digitalization grant makes a digital leap forward Budget 2023 has brought exciting news for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and small business owners in Malaysia. The RM100 million Geran Digital PMKS MADANI (GDPM) is set to trigger a digital revolution, making it easier than ever for businesses like yours to embrace digital solutions. 

2.Why business owners should apply for a GDPM SME Digitalization Grant

Why business owners should apply for a GDPM SME Digitalization Grant? 

The GDPM is a special grant program introduced by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) through Budget 2023. Its primary aim is to support MSMEs in adopting digital technologies in their daily business operations. This initiative is made possible through the partnership between Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN), the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). You can access this grant through a simple online application process, with the assistance of Funding Societies Malaysia. 

GDPM SME Digitalization Grant Emphasis on Seven Key Digital Areas

  1. Digital Marketing/ Digital Sales
    Employ digital marketing strategy to increase your online presence and reach more customers. Also, transform to Digital Sales to boost revenue and sales team performance, refine sales data quality and accessibility, and monitor every step of the sales process in real time.  
  2. Digital Payment Solutions: Simplify payment processes for both you and your customers. 
  3. Electronic Point of Sale (e-POS): Streamline your sales transactions for faster and more accurate operations. 
  4. Human Resource Payroll Systems: Manage your staff efficiently with digital payroll solutions. 
  5. Enterprise Resource Planning: Enhance your overall business management and efficiency. 
  6. Digital Signatures: Simplify document handling with secure digital signatures. 
  7. Cybersecurity and IoT: Protect your business data and explore the potential of the Internet of Things. 
3.GDPM SME Digitalization Grant Emphasis on Seven Key Digital Areas
4.BSN's Commitment to Your Success

BSN’s Commitment to Your Success 

BSN plays a vital role in supporting the government’s vision of financial inclusion for all Malaysians. BSN’s Chief Executive, Jay Khairil, reaffirms their dedication to this vision. By actively participating in GDPM SME Digitalization Grant, they aim to ensure that no Malaysian business is left behind in the digital transformation journey.

MCMC’s Drive to Empower Malaysia’s Businesses

Fateh Din, highlights that GDPM is a significant step toward empowering Malaysia’s industries through targeted initiatives. These initiatives are designed to assist MSMEs in adapting to the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

GDPM SME Digitalization Grant Focusing on Digital Healthcare and Digital Signatures 

MCMC’s core focus areas within GDPM are digital healthcare and digital signatures. By promoting the adoption of digital technologies, they aim to facilitate access to digital service providers and drive the digitalization of businesses like yours. 

5.GDPM SME Digitalization Grant Focusing on Digital Healthcare and Digital Signatures
6.Bridging the Digital Divide with PEDi

Bridging the Digital Divide with PEDi 

Pusat Ekonomi Digital (PEDi) is a long-standing initiative by MCMC. It provides digital entrepreneurship training to entrepreneurs and fosters digitalization in local communities across Malaysia.

Unlocking New Opportunities for MSMEs 

Digitalizing healthcare will enable MSMEs, including community pharmacies and private clinics in rural areas, to participate more effectively in the healthcare sector. Additionally, Smart Agriculture, combining traditional farming practices with the latest technology, presents exciting opportunities for agricultural businesses 

7.Unlocking New Opportunities for MSMEs
8.Act Now & Secure Your Digital Future

Act Now & Secure Your Digital Future

The SME Digitalisation Grant is your ticket to transforming your business. Embrace these digital initiatives to revolutionize your sales & operations, stay competitive, and thrive in the ever-changing digital landscape. Seize this opportunity today, and ensure your business is ready for the digital future. 

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Updated On : 18th Mar 2022

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