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The tHermes Time and Attendance System is able to track employee productivity, attendance and punctuality.

tHermes is a high-quality Time Attendance System which offers professional functions to all sorts of business. An effective Employee Time Attendance System like tHermes allows you to check if your employees are on time, doing their work or even working overtime. Time Attendance Management Systems can help to ensure effective operations that improve business outcome.

Employee Productivity


Employee Attendance


Employee Punctuality


Features Included

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Track Employee Productivity

The tHermes Time and Attendance System is able to track the working hours by creating flexible time sheets approvals process. Make the HR payroll processing easy by tracking the hourly effort costs across multiple projects.

Track Employee Attendance and Punctuality

With mobile application, tHermes Time and Attendance System allows the field force executives such as on-site engineer, promoter, exhibitor etc, to time in at the site. The real-time online report allows the management and supervisor to observe the time in whereabout of their executives with accurate GPS location information.

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