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tHermes Sales Force Automation (SFA) system is a Salesforce Management System used to manage and track the Primary Sales (Wholesaler) and Secondary Sales (Retails) operation. 
The tHermes Sales Force Automation (SFA) system is a highly efficient CRM system that will improve your business in Malaysia.

Features Included

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Pre-Sales or Van Sales

tHermes SFA is designed to handle both Pre-Sales and Van-Sales operation, with the use of smart devices and mobile printer.

Route Planning Module

tHermes SFA Route Planning Module allows the admin to plan and manage the visit route and call frequency of their sales forces activities, so that all the strategic target area will be covered efficiently.

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Order Taking Module

Suggested Order Quantity Function

The tHermes SFA is capable of analysing the history purchases data, and suggest the type of goods and quantity to sell to the client, to make sure the client keeps sufficient stocks until your next visit.

Schemes and Discounts Automation Function

The SFA could automatically apply the promotion schemes and discounts during the order taking process, save the sales personnel efforts to manually calculate and reduce human mistakes and errors

Goods Returns Module

tHermes SFA will able to issue Good Received Note (GRN) on the site, and keep track all the goods collected by sales forces as personnel inventory until the goods successfully return to the warehouse, hence, all the goods’ whereabout are able to be traced and prevent unnecessary loss of goods.

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Collection Module

Allows the sales forces to refer the client’s AR aging status on the spot, and ask the client for the overdue payment.

Alert will be triggered if the sales order taken has over the given credit terms.

Data integration

All the sales transaction data may be integrated back to the ERP system.

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