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The tHermes MOMS is an Enterprise Mobility Solution that is used to manage and track the merchandising related activities and operation.
A Merchandising Management System helps employers to track the purchase, distribution and sale of products. It provides employers with accurate and reliable data that can be accessed anywhere over the internet. Furthermore, tHermes MOMS Merchandising Management System is proven to be high-performance even at the busiest times.

Features Included

Icon 4 - Route Planning

Route Planning Module

Allows the admin to plan the merchandisers visit frequency and route to each destination, so that the merchandiser will not miss the visit calls to those strategic outlets.

Time-In Tracking Module

With GPS tracking, it allows the admin to trace where and when the merchandisers time-in to an outlet, in order to make sure the merchandiser’s are indeed physically been to the outlet and execute their services and tasks.

Icon 4 -Time-In Tracking
Icon 4 - Stock Count

Stock Count Module

Allows the merchandiser to record down the stocks balance on the shelf as well as at the storeroom, which will effectively help the admin to forecast the market stock holding date accurately.

Compliance Check Module

Allows the merchandiser to record down the planogram compliances, Share of Shelf (SOS) and On Shelf Availability (OSA) of an outlet, in order to make sure the merchandises are allocated as per the merchandising agreement

Icon 4 - Compliance Check
Icon 4 - Price Check

Price Check Module

To record the retail selling price data of each outlets, that can be used to analyse how the selling price affect the sales and market share.

Market Intelligence Module

To record how the competitors’ performance in the market, what promotion campaign that the competitors are launching, and what new products have been introduced.

Icon 4 - Market Intelligence
Icon 4 - Productivity Tracking

Productivity Tracking Module

To analyse the productivity of the merchandiser by judging how many outlets have they visited daily, the time they spent in each outlet, and the missed call, if any.

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