Business Intelligence

The needs of business intelligence may vary from across organizations and that is why tHermes Business Intelligence may be adapted to suite your needs for day-to-day Business-to-Business data analysis. By centralizing data from different Internal and external sources through proper integration and streamlining gathered info into useful information to give a bird’s eye view of your organization through  dashboards and scorecards, while also assisting for easier analytics to be performed for the benefit of the entire organization through the use of Business Intelligent Services such as Qlik, Power BI, Excel PowerPivot, etc.

What can we do with Business Intelligence?

We are capable in extracting raw data out from various external and internal sources, be it a Customized System that we had developed for your business operation, an existing software such as from your Accounting and HR system, or even a system from your external distributors or partners

We load all the extracted data and build their relationship into a single source of Data Warehouse (CUBE), and add in additional analytical Measurements that can provide you more insight into your business, such as:

Through the use of Business Intelligence, analyze various sets of data from various sources to predict and identify current, upcoming and as well as past trends through the use of AI by following moving averages, momentum indicators as well as trend lines and chart patterns in order to get ahead and fully prepared for the future.

Having proper awareness of what in the inventory at is important and through the help of Business Intelligence,  you would be able to gain real time information regarding the Inventory of not just your own stock but also the stocks in different the markets that sell your product to ensure proper planning for restocking as well as data collection for further analysis. From this data, it would be possible to further expand into:

  • Predicting next  purchase day of customer: through the use of previous purchase days, a pattern can be identified in order to predict the next purchase day which would allow you to plan routes as well as plan strategies and promotional mails to increase sales
  • Return Rate Forecast : by predicting return rate you can plan much better strategies to reduce return rates based on overall customer behavior and return cases.

Through Business Intelligence, predict and identify various elements to help boost inventory management by identifying the demand needed and align trend such trends to production by closely viewing demand per unit time, pricing as well as market

With the help of Business Intelligence, it would allow analysts to reveal and identify needs within the business that would require much stronger stimulation to trigger growth as well as the overall growth of products. it would show trends from various types of data such as existing products, existing company offers, current business practices and etc.

With the assistance of Business Intelligence you are able to track all important Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in real-time as they would be updated from any sources be it external or internal of your choice

through the assistance of Business Intelligence, improve decision-Making on sale plans making by predicting future sale numbers based on previous sales for better target planning, budget planning and overall  better allocation of resources

by utilizing stock data, the Business Intelligence will assist by providing recommendations of additional products for customers to purchase based on what the customer had already purchased and customer segmentation

  • Cross-Selling: For a given product or combination of products, you can specify that additional products are to be suggested for purchase
  • Up-selling: You can define other products that should be proposed if you sell a specific product.

  • Down-selling: Under certain circumstances, you may want to suggest a cheaper product as an alternative



Machine Learning AI

It is possible to further enhance your business intelligence application with our Machine Learning AI Technology to accurately predict the future of your business which would assist you in:

  •  better stock management within the market.
  • profit and loss forecasts for much better planning.
  • Identifying the threats of your business for better risk management
  • deciding the optimal strategy that secures your position within the market

With the help of Business Intelligence you are able to:


Summarizes the key points of your organization while also tracking business analytics metrics, KPIs as well as important data points for the entire organization all on a single screen.




Analyses the collected data that applies your own business algorithm that is displayed as an easy to understand, analytical, filterable and interactable visual report that is full of charts, Diagrams, scorecards and spreadsheets

data culture

Data Driven Culture

Assists in tracking business analytics metrics, KPI’s as well as important data points for the entire organization all on a single screen in real time while also being highly customizable in order to account for future changes.

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