COVID-19 Impacted Every Single Business Significantly

– Monthly sales dropped

– Business performance or quality of internal operating system decreased

– Inaccurate of AI forecast analysis **


Almost every country faced financial crisis because government must control movement of their residents in order to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus in their country, and so it could impact the sales amount of every single organization directly


An accurate Forecast will help business to plan for a better growth while preparing for the possible hurdles and changes in the economy. 

Businesses need to examine how the pandemic has changed the customer demand, habits and expectations, and how it has affected market supply of materials, goods and services.

Impact of Inaccurate AI Forecasting?

Decrease in Sales Process

  • Unable to identify the weakness or problems that should be addressed quickly during the sale process.
  • Cause your sales amount drop due to the late respond in process adjustment
  • More wastage in resources.

Diifficult to Make Decision

  • Cause your business performance or sales amount drop significantly.
  • Miss the best opportunity to invest or growth your business because of securing additional cashflow for your daily business expenses 

Demand Planning Difficulties

  • Unable to predict your market demand accurately throughtout the year
  • May overbuy & underbuy
  • More wastage in resources

WE could provide various IT solutions to address your problems during & After Pandemic Covid-19

Customized Sales Force Automation (SFA) System

tHermes SFA System to manage and track your primary and secondary sales.

Power Business Intelligence (Power BI) 

Attractive dashboards created to improve your understanding on your own business.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Forecasting

Predict your market demand, sales performance, ordering lead time based on your business situation.

WHY MCC AI Forecasting Tools?

new 3rd
new AI

 Our AI Forecasting Tools is a Cloud-based solution that is adaptive and automated forecasting.

 Our AI Forecasting Tools flexible enough to consider possible positive and negative scenarios, the impacts of fixed and variable costs and supply-chain issues related to operations and sales.

Our AI Forecasting Tools will be based on your business, historical transactional data and external data to produce robust forecasting models that will predict unexpected future changes.

Our AI Forecasting Tools will look at the financial impacts on businesses globally that are similar to yours and how those businesses responded.