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FMCG(Fast Moving Consumer Goods) distribution is a complex, complicated and involves many parties such as distributors, logistics, wholesalers and retail outlets, with thousands of thousands operation transactions daily, how can you manage your company distribution operation with more life easy and effective way? 
tHermes Distribution Management System (DMS) is a complete down-stream supply chain management system that helping you to control your distributors, promotions, improve productivity, streamline inventory, sales processes, and distributor claims – and get accurate, reliable data of your secondary sales operation.

Features Included

Icon 2 - Sell in Sell Out Data

Sell in Sell Out Data Integration

tHermes DMS can help you to integrate your distributor sales data into your house system to analyse all the Sell In and Sell Out transaction, so that you will have more visibility of your market coverage and market shares by finding out where and who your distributor selling to.

Inventory Data Integration system

You will get to know how much stocks your distributor have in their warehouse, ensuring your distributor keeps sufficient stock to support and supply the retailers.

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Discount and Promotion

Automatically apply the complicated discount and promotion scheme that involve distributor, channels, retailers apply across the whole distribution network.

Distributor Claims

Allows the distributor to submit claims that related to marketing operation, price changes etc.

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