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JTI is one of the biggest tobacco manufacturer in the market. MC Crenergy took over the DSD system and enhanced the system that will automatically records all the stages in their sales process, includes tracing all the sales contacts that have been made by their distributors, for the purpose to proper follow up and ensures the sales efforts are not duplicated, reducing the risk of irritating customers (retailers).

 MC Crenergy has deployed more than 100 reports for JTI to analyze their business activities. We also been provide constant consultation, supports and application enhancement to ensure helps JTI to be the market leader even in nowadays volatile markets. With DSD system, we helps JTI improve the operation efficiency & visibility of the stock movement effectively. Reduce manpower to consolidate daily transactions from all distributors and minimize the abuse and fraud cases from the sales representative which lower JTI expenses and raise their productivity at the same time. Management able track distributor’s sales with DSD system in order to plot business strategic more efficiently. For example, launch promotion for specific products and target area. 

Apart from this, MC Crenergy has implemented the PNL system for JTI’s distributors to manage their financial activities more efficiently. All categories of income and expenses will be recorded in PNL system and the sales income will be interface with the DSD system. On top of the expenses activities that clearly visible because of PNL system, it helps reduce accounts workload in compiling profit and lost records too. And of course a convenient function which allow the distributor to manage the JTI assets and facilities more efficiently. For example, reduce expenses in equipment maintenance cost.

Danone is the leading manufacturer for infant and child nutritional products in Malaysia. MC Crenergy is engaged to enhance the existing business reports and provides consultation with hand-on workshop for DANONE’s IT department. Currently we are the trusted advisor and vendor to handling others local and regional challenging projects in DANONE. 

The projects we handled included Regional E-Claim System, Trade Terms Management System (TTM), Regional Business Intelligent (Cube) Sales Analysis, Modem Auto Dial Up Program, Merchandizing Apps (mobile apps). In the future, we believe there are more projects from Danone coming in for MC Crenergy based on our outstanding experience and the trust they put on us. 

Regional E-claim system not just use by Danone Malaysia, but also Singapore, India and China. The system main function is to handle Staffs claims and approval, Vendor Claims and approval, and the claims within departments and approval. With this system, claims can be made on the spot and allows claims both from employees and suppliers to be done with minimal or no paperwork involved at all, and thus saving time, hassles, and reducing the probability of error in claims. 

One of the system that helps Danone a lot which build by MC Crenergy is Regional Business Intelligent (Cube) Sales Analysis. Danone Business Intelligence (BI), is an online data warehouse analytical system and reporting tool that allow Danone to analyze their sales and operation data that spread out across multiple databases, or in disparate tables. This help Danone’s management save a lot of time on just compiling all the files that submit by salesman. The BI will be deployed in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Japan. 

System is not just what MC Crenergy can do, the merchandizing apps is a mobile marketing tools that assist Danone to measure their product’s position in the real market (site/retailers) by capture information such as the product’s market selling prices, location stored and stocks status. The data collected may be used to come out a more effective marketing strategy, or analyze the retail’s stock data to adjust the supplies schedule. 

On top of the systems and mobile apps, MC Crenergy involve and contribute in Danone’s Trade Terms Management System (TTM) too, which allow Danone Malaysia to define the sales promotion, contracts and trade terms between their customers, and also the approval process.

AstraZeneca is a global leading, innovation-driven, integrated biopharmaceutical company. MC Crenergy has developed a new Business Information System to replace AstraZeneca legacy sales system for the objective to improve the system functionality, user experience and to reduce the support personnel workload, which is ODYSSEY – an Integrated Sales Intelligence System. 

This new system has covered the modules such as Sales Force Territory Maintenance Module, Sales Analytics Module (BI, SSAS), Sales Target, Forecast and Budget Maintenance Module, General Sales/ Invoice Entry Module, Import Sales Data from 3rd party Distributor. In addition of ODYSSEY, Event Management Application (EMA) is an application to manage AstraZeneca’s Medical event/ exhibition/seminar. 

The features that cover by EMA include able to create new event, budget allocation, approval process, invite the healthcare specialist, doctors and representative to attend the event, handle the speaker contract and print visitor tags and capture visitor attendance.

Sangla Foods Sdn Bhd is a leading FMCG distributor specialised in distributing premium imported goods in Malaysia, such as Ahmad Tea, Barilla, Colavita, Easiyo, Cirio, Fisher, Lorenz and manymore.

MC Crenergy has design and develop a Promotion Management System (PMS) System

to Sangla that allows them to plan their Budget for promotion roadshow campaigns and the correspond gift mechanism, and integrate the periodic promotion price into ERP system.

The system also allows the promoter to track their sales, attendance, claims and market intelligence information during the roadshow, and eventually calculate the P&L for the overall promotion campaign.

Tohtonku Sdn Bhd is a renown manufacturer and distributor for more than 15 major brands under its wing. These include Nanowhite, Follow Me, Nutox Oxyfusion, Ubermen, A’laisyah, Can Can, Everyday, Koolfever, Ammeltz, Sawaday, Saniplast, Seirogan, ARS, You&Me, Rainna and King Kong. 

MC Crenergy has built a Sales Force Automation (SFA) System to Tohtonku, that is an end to end presales operation solution that allows Tohtonku to manage their daily general trade sales operation, which has covered the following modules

  • Order Taking
  • Goods Return
  • Goods Exchange
  • Stock check
  • Collection
  • Credit Notes
  • Route Planning

Technip is a world leader in project management, engineering and construction for the energy industry, particular in oil and gas sector. Besides Eita, MC Crenergy has developed a web-based Time and Attendance Management System (TAMS) too, which integrated with the Johnson Control’s P2000 Security Access System. 

The TAMS is used to generate various kind of reports to ease Technip’s HR and Accounts to monitor the staff’s activities. What’s different with the Technip’s TAMS compare to Eita TAMS is that MC Crenergy did a little customization for Technip’s TAMS. Which includes the features of supports flexible working hours such as mobile worker or sales team, exception Report to list out the unusual activities / transaction to alert the correspond HOD to take action such as overnight OT, supports comprehensive overtime calculation or formulas and also full range of productivity reports for analysis such as attendance summary, late attendance, Badge Activity, Overtime and more.

MAXimas Logistics is a highly respected specialist in the design, implementation and support of integrated software solutions for the logistics sector in Australia and Malaysia. MaxConnect is MC Crenergy customized system for Maximas. MaxConnect will be a cloud based with multi-tenant capability to replace the existing client server edition as part of the company business roadmap. 

Project involve provides consultation on the new product architecture and software framework design and create the new software framework leverage on Microsoft latest MVC technology for Maximas development team. At the same time, to ensure seamless integration with MaxConnect business process components and develop the MaxConnect application with new user friendly interface leverage on the latest web technology.

Eita is one of market leader to provide elevator, escalator service, power equipment, cabling system and many more. MC Crenergy has developed a web-based Time and Attendance Management System (TAMS) that integrated with BOSCH Security Access System. 

The TAMS is used to generate various kind of reports to ease Eita’s HR to analyze the staff’s productivity and enabled the integration with group payroll system. The system features include Master Data Management and User Profile Management, supports multiple shift configuration, comprehensive user profiling to meet different operating hours, build-in online overtime approval workflow, auto-calculations of the staff productivity, full range of productivity reports for analysis such as attendance summary, late attendance, Overtime calculation and more.

ECMI is one of Malaysia’s leading exhibition organisers and event managers. MC Crenergy have developed an Exhibition Management System (EMS) that to allows ECMI to organize and automated the registration, booth utilization and facilities ordering and invoicing processes, with just this feature, it save the organizer a lot of resources and time for other priority tasks. 

During the day of exhibition, the EMS will capture and provides real time attendance records, allowing ECMI to react efficiently such as launch a special show or special which need massive crowd attention. There are more than 20 reports for ECMI to analyze their exhibition activities which allow the management to improve future exhibition event in order to attract more visitors and exhibitors to join their exhibition in the coming years.

Perfect ware is supplier of Kitchen Wares to local Hypermarkets (Jusco, Tesco, Giant & Carrefour). With the existing Purchase Order Management System (POMS), MC Crenergy has delivered a customize middleware application to integrate the POMS with customer return to vendor list from a B2B web portal into UBS accounting system. 

The middleware run as real-time services and bundle with web based interface to allow user define the master integration data. One of our strengths are UBS direct integration. This help Perfect ware saving on manpower and efficiently and improve processing time by 20%. Automated the end to end integration and improve data accuracy that save time and increase productivity.

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