About Us

MC Crenergy Sdn Bhd established in the year 2008, offering consultation and business software development services for enterprises that need computerized systems to manage their daily business operation, simply for the objectives of: –

Capturing transaction data for business analysis

Automate the operation process to avoid human error

Simplify and speed up the whole operation process

MCC Vission

Our vision

MC Crenergy is dedicated and committed to be one of the leading Data Solution company; we aim to help our business partners make informed decisions by providing:

  • Highest levels and qualities of business intelligence and Analysis tools
  • Data collection and collaboration

MCC Mission

Our mission

MC Crenergy strives to provide the highest of quality of products and solutions; with the right methods of analysis and a quality platform to help our business partners to increase efficiency, effectiveness and have continuous growth.

Our Core Value

Our core value

  • Quality – We only provide our business partners with products and solutions of the highest of quality. When they want 100%, give them 110%!
  • Professionalism – All members of MC Crenergy must exude professionalism, be it in the way you act, dress, and perform.
  • Pursue Growth and Learning – The employees are the backbones and precious assets of the company, when the quality of the employees grow, the company will grow. Henceforth, MC Crenergy focuses on growing each and every member’s potential to the fullest!
  • Be Passionate and Determined – Treat work like a hobby. Be passionate! Be determined! Step out of your comfort zone and challenge your limits. The effects may amaze you!
  • Teamwork and Family Spirit – There is no greater weapon in a company’s arsenal than a great team. Effective teamwork drives company growth and boosts performance and success by tapping into each individual’s unique strengths and attributes.
  • Deliver “WOW” Through Value – Amaze and astonish our business partners and make them say “WOW” by creating and enhancing value in ways they can’t even start to imagine!


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